Credit Bureaus in South Africa – Reviewing The Big Three

Credit Bureaus South Africa
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In South Africa, credit bureaus play a pivotal role in financial matters. They collect, manage, and store credit information of consumers and businesses, which is then utilised by lenders, insurance companies, and even employers to evaluate creditworthiness. 

Let’s dive deep into the big three credit bureaus in South Africa – TransUnion, Experian and XDS, exploring their unique offerings and assessing their overall reputation.



TransUnion (ITC), a global powerhouse in credit information and information management services, has a substantial presence in South Africa. The company offers credit reports, credit scores, and beneficial tools to understand credit standing and manage credit health. TransUnion’s mobile app and online portal make it easy to access credit data, monitor changes, and detect potential fraud. With a robust customer service team, TransUnion’s support and education about credit-related topics are noteworthy.

TransUnion Contact details

Office Address: Wanders Office Park,

52 Corlett Drive, Illovo 2196

Customer Support Phone: 0861 482 482

Support Email:[email protected]

Operating Hours: Monday–Friday, 08h00–17h00 Saturday, 08h00–13h00



Experian, another global credit information company, offers comprehensive credit reports and credit scores in South Africa. Their unique feature, Experian Boost, allows consumers to improve their credit scores by utilising regular payments like utilities and mobile phone bills. Experian also provides free resources about credit management and offers identity theft monitoring and protection services.

Experian Contact Details

Office Address: EBallyoaks Office Park

Customer Support Phone: 0861 10 56 65

Support Email: [email protected]



XDS, as the only wholly South African-owned major credit bureau, has a unique advantage in understanding local credit landscapes. They offer a range of credit information and data management solutions for businesses. For consumers, XDS provides credit reports and identity theft monitoring services. They’ve developed a reputation for thoroughness in their reports, emphasising customer service and transparency.

XDS Contact Details

Office Address: Atrium on 5th, 4th Floor,

Sandton City, Sandton


Customer Support Phone: +27 11 645 9100

Support Email: [email protected]


All three credit bureaus, TransUnion, Experian and XDS, are crucial in South Africa’s credit landscape. Each bureau has its unique strengths and offerings, but all are committed to helping consumers understand their credit standing and enhance their financial health. Remember, understanding your credit report is the first step towards maintaining good financial health, and these credit bureaus are great resources for that journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I obtain my credit report from all three bureaus?

Yes, you are entitled to one free credit report per year from each credit bureau in South Africa.

Is the information the same across all three bureaus?

Each bureau may have slightly different information depending on its data sources. It’s beneficial to check your report from each bureau to ensure accuracy across the board.

What should I do if I find an error in my credit report?

Contact the respective credit bureau immediately. They have a process in place to investigate and correct any errors in the report.

How often is the information in my credit report updated?

Typically, lenders report to the credit bureaus monthly, so your credit report should update approximately once a month.

What affects my credit score?

Numerous factors can influence your credit score, including payment history, credit utilisation rate, length of credit history, new credit inquiries, and the types of credit you have.

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